SmartScape provides high quality professional translation and interpreting services

Written translation

Translating corporate reports is our area of expertise in the translation services market. Large Russian companies and service providers entrust us with report translations of all types.

With most of our clients we use a translation support model. Such a long-term cooperation involves the creation and further development of the client’s glossary, which saves the client time by significantly improving the turnaround time for completing texts.

We reproduce the pragmatic potential of the original source text and ensure its desired effect on the reader. This is especially effective for translating information and advertising texts; such an approach helps to take into account all of the contextual nuances and the placement of advertising materials, in addition to the target audience’s language.

Our editors, proofreaders and project managers possessing linguistic educational backgrounds carry out proofreading of the materials and check the formatting at every stage of the job to ensure the the highest quality results.


For each client, SmartScape selects a professional who has relevant experience with the given format and subject of the meeting.

We ensure that the event has professionals with a solid background and relevant experience to help clients communicate more effectively across various events, including:

  • meetings with partners, analysts and investors,
  • conferences, seminars and trainings,
  • road shows, press-tours, and other such events.
Corporate trainings

Our vast experience in the field of linguistics and our highly trained professionals will help to improve language skills and advance your foreign language level in terms of professional usage. We call this functional English language training.

We propose specialized modules for PR, IR, HR, and others. Among them are the included:

  • English in IR,
  • presentation skills,
  • business writing,
  • effective communication,
  • press release writing in English.

As assigned by clients, we create texts for PR campaigns, marketing events and promotional activities. We provide informative and commercial copywriting services, including: press releases, website materials and presentations. This helps our clients to economize their staff’s time, while maintaining total control over the content and format of the corporate texts.

We pay a great deal of attention to the quality of our copywriting, asking clients to submit detailed background information on the project at hand, mutually developing the requirements for the final text (including the format, target audience, word count, deadlines, etc.), as well as preparing a draft and sending it to the client. Then we finalize the draft document in accordance with the revisions.